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Where, we teach people about Natural Dog Behavior; The psychology, language, and natural behavior of our beloved domestic canines. We are two different species. Dogs are not people! They are canines. They have their own way of interacting with the world. We must honor the dog. We have to step into their world and truly learn to understand them. Our dogs are not wolves, coyotes, foxes, or any other species of wild dog, and their behavior is not comparable to these species. There are similarities but they are indeed different. Domestic dogs are much less intense in their behavior and instincts. Some researchers believe that in comparison to wild species, domestic dogs remain in a more juvenile state. Domestic dogs are much less intense.


Human domesticated dogs with specific purposes in mind, a job or duty that assists people. There are a few exceptions to this rule. A few breeds were created simply for companionship and to be a lap warmer. Some Asian breeds, Lhasa Apso, Pug, Pekingese, and Shih Tzu were bred for this purpose. But, most breeds were created to do something for us, and many people do not work daily with their dogs. This in itself causes behavior problems. Dogs become bored and mischievously or destructively creative without the proper mental and physical work on the daily basis.

We must also take into consideration your dog’s Dogenality and DNA for more information about them. Your dog’s DNA may explain some of their innate instincts and traits, but you must also take note of the individual traits, temperament, and characteristics that your dog displays, known as their Dogenality. Would you consider your dog high energy or low energy? Is your dog confident or more fearful? We must also consider your dog’s natural drives and willingness to please. These are the components that come together to determine exactly who your dog is. Situations will change their behaviors depending on their Dogenality as well. Dogs need to be treated in a way that compliments their Dogenality. This includes activities that they were bred for. Doing these things satisfies your dog’s DNA and is an important component that will lead to a very happy and satisfied dog. It is our responsibility to learn about the needs of this highly intelligent and instinctual animal that we have decided to share our homes and lives with. We must learn to satisfy them as well as ourselves, and begin to understand what dogs need to be happy, healthy, and confident.



Natural Dog Behavior revolves around the relationship that your dog has with its family a.k.a pack; Not obedience commands. Commands can be very helpful, but what is your dog’s mindset about you? How do you fit into the pack? Are you a sibling? Playmate? Parent? Your dog gauges your interactions and feelings to make a determination about your role in the family. In essence, it’s all about mutual respect. Do you feel like your dog trust and respects you? And do you trust and respect your dog?

Natural Dog Behavior is not a cookie-cutter technique. It is a program designed to educate you on how to have the best life with your dog, and to be the teacher and leader that your dog always dreamed you would be. You must continue to learn, grow, and progress in your knowledge and skills. What kind of a relationship with your dog do you dream of? What types of things would you love to be able to do with your pup? Do you feel like their behavior is limiting his or her life? How about your life? These are questions to ask yourself. We have all witnessed people that are out enjoying the park or taking a walk with their dog. The dog is off leash and totally connected to their person. Nothing else matters. This is the connection we all want. Are you willing to change your behavior and adopt a new doggie lifestyle? This is available to you! Natural Dog Behavior is the most natural and effective way to gain the relationship both you and your dog dream of!

It just makes sense. Dog lessons are life lessons!


Dog Psychology 101

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