Date(s) - July 22, 2023
12 PM


The warm weather is coming on quickly and here in Georgia, the snakes are waking up. Dogs are naturally curious and investigative, leaving them prime targets for a snake bite. That’s why Dog Psychology 101 and Southeastern Reptile Rescue have joined forces to bring you this one of a kind Snake Aversion Training.

Dog behavior specialists Angie and Josh Woods welcome you to their 13-Acre Dog Psychology 101 campus as they join forces with snake expert Jason Clarke for a potentially life saving clinic!

Not only is Jason the president of Southeastern Reptile Rescue, but he is licensed for Wildlife Education and Nuisance Wildlife Removal. He is also a certified Master Naturalist (UGA) and a contractor for the GA department of Natural Resources as an Alligator Agent Trapper.

With these three experts on hand you are sure to have a safe and life changing experience.

Jason and his Snake School offer a rare opportunity for your dog to be exposed to the unique smells of a variety of native venomous snakes. Angie and Josh will be on hand to supervise your dog experience. In order to create a secure learning environment for your and your dog, activities will take place on a fully enclosed campus. Remember, this vital skill can not only save your pet the tragedy of a venomous bite, it just might save you as well.

  • All breeds are encouraged to attend.

  • Dogs and humans are kept safe at all times and unable to make contact with snakes.

  • Snake aversion training requires the use of a static collar or e-collar. This produces negative reinforcement, by way of a mild, harmless electric stimulation. We are very conscious that use of e-collars is not always a popular choice. We understand if you feel this way, however, we have yet to find another safe and humane method that proves to be as effective in deterring dogs from this potentially deadly encounter. We have seen dogs and people suffer the effects of a snake bite, and believe the minor irritation of an e-collar is minimal in comparison.

Lunch is included, so plan to stay with us after your training to gather around the grill for hot dogs and drinks (vegetarian option available) and share some great conversations with fellow dog owners.

Dog Psychology 101 Snake Aversion Training is $80 per dog.

NOTE: You will need your dog’s vet info, vaccination records, and a recent (within 30 days) negative fecal result. You will receive an email to complete your registration, so please have these things on hand.