Dog Psychology 101

By Angie Woods

Welcome to the Dog Psychology 101 Podcast; where we teach you about Natural Dog Behavior. I’m Angie Woods, America’s Dog Behavior Specialist. Join us as we help you understand how your dog learns and interprets the world. We will guide you to become the pack leader and teacher your dog always dreamed you would be.

Dog Psychology 101 is here to help you build the best relationship possible between you and your dog!

Balance the Human + Rehab the Dog = Happy Life!


Answering Your Questions! (Q&A #1)

Dog Psychology 101 • Oct 25, 2019

Choosing a New Puppy or Dog

Dog Psychology 101 • Jul 24, 2019

Dog Psychology vs. Human Psychology

Dog Psychology 101 • Jul 24, 2019

Welcome to Dog Psychology 101, where we teach people about Natural Dog Behavior; The psychology, language, and natural behavior of our beloved domestic canines. We are two different species. Dogs are not people! They are canines. They have their own way of interacting with the world. We must honor the dog.


Dog Psychology 101

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