If your dog could talk, what would she tell you?

New Webinar: Intro to Natural Dog Behavior

Understand Your Dog
Experience the Freedom of Connection

I created this webinar because I want all people to have a closer, more satisfying relationship with their dog, a bond built on reverence, connection, and love. The only way we can respect another, connect with another, and truly love another is by first understanding who they are, how they process the world, and how they feel. This includes our dogs!

If you’re questioning whether you are truly connected with your dog or not, consider this:

The Truth of your relationship with your dog is
revealed when the leash comes off.


Can you walk your dog off the leash? Do you know that she is paying attention to you, in-sync with you, at all times? Would she walk through fire with you if you asked?

You may feel like these things aren’t possible, that only special dogs with special trainers are capable of this level of connection and respect. I’m here to tell you that you and your dog are capable. There is no specific breed or type of personality that can’t live a life of freedom and joy with their human. And this webinar is the first step…

The Intro to Natural Dog Behavior includes:

  • The Basics of Dog Psychology​
  • Canine Communication
  • Gaining Your Dog’s Trust
  • Preventing and Troubleshooting Common Problems
  • Starting Off on the Right Foot with a New Dog
  • How to Let Your Dog Live Naturally and Thrive
  • Building a Relationship Built on Respect, Connection, and Love
  • A Virtual Question and Answer Meeting with Angie

Your commitment:

This isn’t a quick fix program. This isn’t a set of rules that will magically make your dog the “perfect dog”. This is the truth about the way dog’s see things and how you can foster trust and respect in your relationship so you can both live a happy life. This is the first step in bringing you and your dog into a life of freedom, where you can both breathe easier and live in harmony as a pack.

Oftentimes, this means a good deal of work on your part. You will have to look at your own psyche along the way: your mindset, your shortcomings, your reactions to feelings like frustration and anger and fear.

If you can bring a willingness to learn and a desire to work as a team with your dog, this webinar will leave you feeling ready to take on the world together.






Ready to understand your dog and experience the freedom of connection?